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(I’ll list the older games here sometime. For now, you can find most of them on Itch.)

A boy and a girl in school uniforms, running to the left. Different kinds of trees can be seen in the background. A petal-decorated logo for Himig is at the bottom right.


A short everyday life adventure of two kids as they gain experiences to remember. Currently in development.

Game Info

A Shiba Inu wearing sunglasses prepares to jump at another snow-themed platform with a mushroom on it. The parabola of the jump can be seen.

Jump Squad

A casual mobile game where you jump all over the world with your own squad of cats and dogs.

Game Info

A blue-haired farmer girl wears a red and green outfit in a farmland. A cat wearing a business suit stands near a big box with the label "Mayor".

Farmer Fran: Running Out of Sunlight

Save the town from a storm in this point-and-click farming game!

Game Info

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