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Banner with the Himig logo, decorated with yellow petals. Two Eurasian Tree Sparrows on a wire and a Narra tree can be seen in the sunny sky background.


Life Simulation, Slice-of-life, Adventure





Himig is a calm slice-of-life game about two kids enjoying their day-to-day lives in a small, relaxing town. You guide and give them a gentle push into the world to let them experience moments that will shape their personality and their future.

You can chat with everyone in the neighborhood, play little games with them, and listen to their stories to improve yourself and help them with their problems. You can interact with animals and things around you as well!

Depending on what activities you decide on doing as days go by, the dialogues and actions that your characters can do changes. They may even develop an interest on certain things, which they may still carry when they grow up.

The game also has a side part of collecting toys with various designs for some minigames. It always felt great showing off your rare, shiny toys to your friends. You can freely do that in here as well.



Himig started as a small personal game that is heavily inspired by easygoing slice-of-life manga in early 2018. Arwyn Silva, a game creator from the Philippines, decided to make a short game to take a breather from work and internship. As work kept piling on, its development stopped, and he slowly got burned out of making games completely. Thinking of a way to regain his passion, he started looking back on his childhood memories to figure out what made him like games and creating them in the first place. From this, progress eventually started once again in April 2019, but as a game with it’s own setting and story this time.

It aims to be a game that could give a calm reprieve from the world with its characters, interactions, and visuals. Akin to a short coffee break, it wants you to relax for a bit and bring a smile to your face. This game serves as a reminder that looking back to your roots could be one of many ways to remembering the possibilities of life in front of you.

Himig is currently a part of the Toge Game Fund Initiative, and has been featured before at events like Indie Live Expo, ESGS, and Wholesome Direct.

Development updates for the game can be found on the developer’s website, Ko-fi page, or through their SNS accounts on Mastodon or Cohost.


A dog, cat, and a two birds relaxing in front of a Narra tree in the afternoon. A school boy at a small park filled with foliage. A big tree can be seen to the left. A school boy roaming around the road in the morning. A graffiti about silence is written on a sidewalk wall. A school girl observing a Narra tree during the night.

Videos and higher-quality photos can be found on Proton or Mega.


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